Werbeck Uncovering The Voice

Your Voice ~ Your Self

Singing Classes and Private Lessons ...

...Inspired by the techniques and exercises of Mrs.Valborg WERBECK-Svärdstrom,
The School of Uncovering the Voice

Singing is a primal urge, with the potential for expressing our very being. The School of Uncovering the Voice is a flame of hope for our individual voices and the pathway out of ourselves and into the world.

I mean, we seek clean food, clean air and water, we seek nature. So our voices need to be nurtured just as our bodies do. If we do nothing - no singing after we finish school, no choir to belong to, no family singing - our capacity for song will diminish and disappear. The "use it or lose it" cliché is true.

In earlier times the singing voice was a natural aspect in life, an accomplishment, a work tool for laborers, cooks, churches and politicians, a matter of fact for school children, college chums, cocktail parties, older people... it was everywhere! Well we still need to sing to our babies, our children, express ourselves joyfully by singing just for fun, to no one at all, and to everyone we meet.

"Through my voice, I express my whole being and by singing, I affect my overall balance and health." Christiaan Boele, The School of Uncovering the Voice.

Come sing !

Improve your tone ~ Ease the breath ~ Find JOY in singing
Healthy vocal instruction for the young singer
Rejuvenating guidance for the mature voice
Eclectic repertoire ~ Learn to sight read ~ Build your instrument

Take some lessons - start a group - you can take your singing voice with you wherever you go, and use it with joy and confidence.

Bachelor of Music, Voice and Piano, Jacksonville University
Graduate Study, Voice, Indiana University School of Music
Foundational Certificate, The School of Uncovering the Voice
Pedagogical Certificate, The School of Uncovering the Voice
Continuing student of Christiaan Boele