Information about the Music Teaching that I offer

My teaching speaks to a need in people to learn how to do something beautiful by themselves, as a participant, not only as an observer; to stick to something even when it gets hard, and to share joyfully the music they learn to play.

The students respond to encouragement and support of course, but also to just the right piece at the right moment is important. I put a great deal of thought into the individual, without assuming that one type of music is for every person.

For some, music could become a career (rare). For most people who learn to play an instrument, it becomes a lifelong sustaining source of joy and pleasure. We learn many life skills in the process: how to present oneself in front of an audience, how to sincerely share something you have accomplished, confidence, temporal cognition (always looking ahead and preparing) and spatial awareness of the eye to to symbol to hand (hand-eye coordination). These are a few of the benefits, in addition to beauty, artistry and camaraderie.

The study of music is the most enjoyable activity I can imagine, and one which augments every person's life whom I have ever taught.


Teaching for 25 years in OC
Students of all ages
Recitals twice a year
Studio has 2 pianos: a Steinway grand and Wurlitzer console, for duets and general
demonstration of repertoire

Musical playing and reading is a goal for all my students with Vail Music Group. I teach on a beautiful big Steinway grand piano, which is inspiring to learn on and play at the lesson each week. The musical activities that go along with becoming a good pianist are varied and enjoyable. These range from drawing and solving musical puzzles for the very young, to rhythm challenges, notation, and learning about some of the people who composed the great music of the past as well as music of today.


Teaching guitar 25 years in OC
Students from 6 years to adult
Students participate in ensemble with other students on other instruments
Singing is encouraged with guitar styles which include accompaniment
Classical, acoustic rhythm guitar, folk-rock and songwriter styles
Recitals twice a year

I’ve taught guitar privately from high school on. I performed nationally and internationally as a singer/songwriter solo artist, pop duo, and also with The Rusty Vail Band, showcasing in Los Angeles clubs for 10 years.

With one foot in classical music and the other in current modern music, I can provide a balanced music education for students of many styles.


Teaching voice for 25 years in OC
Classically trained in opera and choral music
Coaching in Italian, French, Latin and German languages
Also a popular vocalist and songwriter before, during and after college
Navigated the music industry before, during and after the digital age of music online

Voice teaching is many things. My students always have their own vision of what they want to do, music they want to sing and their favorite styles and vocal artists they wish to emulate.

I’ve worked with many ages of students: very young children through adolescents and adults.

Like any instrument, we must learn certain techniques and train the ear. Voice however is definitely "from the inside out," since it lies within our very throats. A singer shows a great deal of her/his true self when singing, and therefore the teacher needs a keen sensitivity to the individual needs and gifts of every student.